about badian spice

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about badian spice

This spice comes from China and is made from the fruit of the illaciaceous Chinese badian tree. Its eight-pointed star-shaped fruit is harvested green and then dried in the sun. It subsequently becomes the recognizable reddish-brown hue. It is adored for the way it tastes like aniseed and adds flavor to many foods and beverages. From an appetizer to a dessert, it may be used as a spice.

It goes by many names, including star anise, Chinese fennel, star anise, and Illicium verum. Acheter de la Badiane

where this Chinese spice originates from

As its name suggests, the Chinese star anise is a native of that country. Between the 13th and the 14th centuries, Marco Polo brought this spice to Europe. Due to its lower production costs, the badian increasingly took the role of aniseed. Since it is now one of the most costly spices, several producers have started using fennel in its stead.

the growing of star anise

The star anise tree grows slowly and retains its leaves during the winter. Tropical and subtropical regions are where it is cultivated. It is a plant that dislikes extremes of heat and cold. It cannot endure temperatures below -5 degrees. Additionally, it will need to be shielded from the wind and the light by a covered area. It will need some new ground with moderate watering. Its fruits will be harvested in September when they are still green, and we will let them a few weeks to dry in the sun.

We may attempt the semi by retrieving the stars’ seeds, but only on the fruits gathered on the tree when they are fully ripe. Cuttings and layering are the simplest means of replication.

Utilization of star anise in food

fruit-bearing star anise trees
It is possible to flavor a variety of beverages with this spice, notably alcoholic beverages like mulled wine or rum. Additionally, it may be used with tea or used to generate pure infusions. It often pairs well with cinnamon; the tastes of the two spices are complimentary.

The most popular cake in pastry is gingerbread, which is a wonderful holiday dish. Our gingerbread mix, 4-spice mix, and 5-spice mix all include this spice. homogeneous preparations to guarantee the success of your dishes.

advantages of star anise for health

Epices.com provides information on using herbs and spices to treat oneself organically (naturopathy, ayurvedic medicine), but we still encourage you to see a doctor if your symptoms persist.

The majority of spices provide a variety of health advantages, and star anise is no exception. Here are some of them:

Combat indigestion, colitis, gastrointestinal spasms, gastritis, flatulence, and even painful periods with these remedies for digestive diseases.
Tonus and form: Improves form, lessens tiredness, lessens anxiety and melancholy. A valuable resource!
Aphrodisiac: This spice contains aphrodisiac properties that help to arouse sexual desire and the libido.
Antibacterial: It has an antibacterial effect and is used to treat sore throats, minor mouth sores, and mouth ulcers.
When to use this spice’s therapeutic properties: Loss of libido, digestive issues, blood pressure issues, hormonal issues (particularly those connected to menopause), physical exhaustion, gall bladder issues, and the ability to control intestinal transit.

Information about nutrition

vitamin C and vitamin B6
Potassium, calcium, iron, and magnesium are minerals.
Additionally rich in protein, it comprises 18% (18 grams per 100 grams).

Good to know

The flavor of the well-known aniseed beverages from Marseille, Pastis, and Ricard is provided by star anise.
Contrast this spice with the deadly fruit of the Japanese star anise (Illicium anisatum). The Buddhists who planted it around their temples consider it to be a holy tree.
This spice is known as “Mang tsao” in China, which translates to “eight horns” in allusion to its eight branches. The Persian word “Badian,” which just means “Anise,” is whence the name “Badian” originates.

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